How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Posted on Jun 27 2015 - 8:31am by Adriana Pezzuto

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Perhaps you have wondered what differentiates individuals who reach most of their goals from individuals who fail?

A study regarding Harvard MBA graduates showed that the 3 percent which had clear, composed goals were getting, on average, ten times just as much as the other ninety seven percent.

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Life takes a different approach as for each person. Back in the times when you were younger, you only had you to ultimately worry about and free-time, leaving plenty opportunities for us to fantasize about, there were nolimits, you could be an astronaut, a model, a doctor or even the President of the United States! Who said you couldn’t attain any goal that you wanted But soon after life startedcoming at you and you may have realized that those lofty accomplishments are few and far between.

Set Yourself Up For Success By Setting Proper Goals

It is not that anyone stopped you from setting and looking to achieve great things. Unfortunately, as you start out having less and less free-time to focus on goals, you likely have made a couple of mistakes which are killing your goals. And perhaps you forgot a couple of essential components which are required for creating those goals.

1. Placing vague or open ended goals

The simple mistake that most people make with goals is they are too vague. The clearest example of how people make this mistake is once they set a goal to lessen debt. This is a superb goal for everyone to have but many forget to accomplish it. In fact, they often wind up inadvertently increasing debt as a consequence of not being specific enough when generating the goal.

Reducing debt is excellent, but most folks never specify what debt to merely reduce. They don’t design a plan on how to do it. They never established a timeline and so they never give independently a measureable method to determine

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

How To Set Yourself Up For Success


“Let me show you the secret which has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely within my tenacity. ” – Louis Pasteur

Making these mistakes not just kills your desired result, but it can certainly kill your wallet. Instead of creating these mistakes when you establish your target goals, be sure to be more clear of what you plan to do. Specify a courseof action and prioritize small individual goals in lieu of one single, significant one. In other words take one great big imposing goal and break it down into achievable and most importantly measurable parts

Give yourself a timeline by which your goal ought to be completed. This will give you a clearly defined procedure for meeting whichever goal you would like. In the example of trying to  lessen debt, establishing a specific debt which should be paid and being able to measure success by the completion of just one outstanding balance at a particular point in time allows you to systematically track your progress until eventually all balances from the final goal happen to be reached.

In order to ensure that you are certainly not setting goals which can be too vague, you should answer the following questions about your goals to ensure you have a plan which can be followed and effectively achieved:

What specific component of my overall purpose am I looking to achieve next?
How am I going for this purpose goal, meaning, precisely what is my plan?
When should my goal be achieved?
How will I realize when my goal has been achieved?
2. Lacking accountability

Another goal killing mistake that quite a few people make is they are not holding themselves accountable for their

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

goals. For most people, the goals which can be easiest to attain all have a very important factor in common – family know about these. As an example, if you decide to return to school to obtain your degree, your friends and family should be alerted tothis fact. Returning to school being an adult can be hugely stressful and may lead to frequent thoughts of stopping. But if your friends and family know that you making the effort to accomplish something to improve yourself, you are apt to have extra support to try and do that goal effectively.

Going back on the debt reduction example, if this is just not something that you’re willing to share with your friends and family, you must make sure that you keep yourself accountable. You can accomplish this by maintaining a spreadsheet on your desktop that can track payment advancement and serve as daily motivation along with a friendly reminder.

3. Setting impractical goals

Another huge purpose killing mistake that individuals make is setting goals which can be too ambitious and unrealistic. It’s fantastic to dream large, but unrealistic targets could set someone up for dissappointment.

Goals that seem like they shall be too difficult often never begin because of insufficient enthusiasm or need. These goals keep getting pushed back until they gradually are forgotten. However, goals that are generally too easy are certainly not the better option. These types of goals also remain incomplete as a result of lack of enthusiasm to start. If you know you’re able to do something easily, there will be no real surprise or sense of accomplishment like a reward. Therefore, there isn’t any incentive to commence in the first place.

Many times folks will set just one huge goal and gradually become frustrated that they have not achieved it inside the timeline in which they had hoped. To avoid getting caught in this particular goal-making trap, you need to make smaller, precise goals in lieu of one large the one which will encompass many components. This enables more careful planning and even more opportunities to course your progress as well as more rewards along yourpath to achieve the greater goal.

For instance, imagine you set an ambition to thoroughly clean your complete house and you would like to have it done in a weekend. While this is an excellent goal, you ought not just leave your own goal planning in this particular stage because you may become very disappointed when you cannot achieve this particular timeline. Instead, you should set numerous mini goals that you know can be completed within a set time frame. After careful setting up, you may realize you could only complete 1 or 2 rooms per day. As a result, you may need more than one weekend to attain your goal. However, as each weekend break passes, you are able to track your advancement toward the completion from the overall goal with each mini fulfillment.

“Setting goals is the 1st step in turning the invisible into the visible. ” – A2z tony Robbins

Set Yourself Up For Success Recap

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

How To Set Yourself Up For Success

If you might have been having trouble accomplishing your targets, be sure to always take into account the common mistakes of which kill your targets and do your better to avoid creating them.

Don’t forget to write down your goals.
Do not set vague targets. It is always far better be as specific as possible.
Do not just ignore keeping yourself accountable.
Make sure you have family members who will support you in your targets.
If you want to keep your goals to yourself, set up a daily reminder and self-motivation approach.
Do not establish unrealistic goals. Goals that are generally too unreasonable will clearly never be satisfied while goals which can be too easy will tend to be forgotten. Thus setting yourself up to fail.



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